to CPH mates...;

"Hello guys!!! How are you?

I would entitle this mail as "Me, my danish journey...and my damned mania of falling in love with anyone and any place i've been in".
I write this to all of my old and new friend i've known or met in Kobenhavn, day after I left from there, just awoke after a 16h "nap" and my blue souvenir t-shirt still proudly weared from yesterday :O

As you can surely belive, at present I'm really really sad and I think it will surely lasts some days, as whenever you come back from a fantastic experience and you're going to think about it for a looooong long time.

I wish I thank all of you one by one for each nice moment we spent together, for your kindness and ospitality, but it really would take tooooo I'm sure it will be enough to say that I already miss (and envy too) all of you, sooooo muuuuuuuch!!!

Well, that was my "Wonderful, Wonderful Kobenhavn"; 5 days of happyness, serenity and convinction that when I'm there too, it will really be great.
Nothing more and nothing left to I'm going ending this mail with a few danish word I learnt in these 5 fantastic days: it's a simple sentence (and hope it's correct, too :P), but it includes all of sincerely I've to tell you:

Tak og vi ses hurtig på København! ! !


P.S. please forgive me for my "maccheronico" english (some italian friend could surely explain you what I mean...)"

"and what else is there???... :) heart momentary beating somewhere else..."

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